“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”
~ Isaac Newton

Welcome to Linguistic Lab. We are here to accommodate you into an unforgettable lifetime experience!!!

Are you of Greek heritage, wanting to expand your Greek knowledge?
Are you fond of Greece, wanting to celebrate everything-Greek with us?
Do you love history & cultures, wanting to mingle within the ancient & modern simultaneously?
Do you appreciate art, theatre, architecture & the skillful perfection of the ancients?
Do you admire stunning nature? Do you love mountains, cliffs & wild nature?
Do you love swimming in sparkling water & breathtaking beaches?
Do you enjoy friendly, sociable, welcoming people who love to please you?

Our unique programs celebrate Greek Language, Society and Culture by offering distinctive options for a truly personal interactive experience with the Greeks! For a glimpse browse over our Attractions page.

We provide Educational & Cultural Programs, excursions, attractions, language-lessons, accommodations

Linguistic Lab ~language & beyond~

Language Courses

Our Language School is fully Licensed-Registered-ISO 9001, with certified teachers. It embodies year-round complete curriculum of the:

English Language (ELS) ...

... from kindergarten to Proficiency levels for
a. The Greek youth in the area (plus adult groups in business)
b. Non-Greeks who choose to study English in Greece!
c. Homestay Summer program – enhancing the ELS experience – English-speaking students staying with families whose kids want to further practice their English language skills.

Greek Language (GLS) ...

... skills, per needed levels and interests for
a. Omogeneia – Homestay Summer program – Greeks abroad who want to enrich their Greek language skills
b. Others – who wish to study modern Greek

Group lesson in pleasent atmosphere
Lessons with native
Real talk. Real life
100% satisfaction

Aristonauts ~ Different by Design ~

Our Travel Program embodies man’s and nature’s attractions plus the cultural aspect of Greece in a special interactive manner to provide knowledge and a truly personal experience with the Greeks 1) in time, as yesterday and today coexist, and 2) in awareness of the Greek lifestyle, activities, and products.

Aristonauts incorporates both Youth and Adult programs. And just like the Greeks-in-time, the Language & Travel programs may ‘coexist’ by your choice, as we provide the flexibility to participate in either or both!

Youth Aristonauts

Who participate in the travel program, may choose to do so as ...
a. Travel only cultural interaction
b. Travel + language skills (per needs caliber)

Adult Aristonauts

Available year-round, only in groups – may choose ...
c. Travel only cultural interaction
d. Travel + language skills (per needs caliber)

We also offer choices of Accommodation:

1) Homestay – available Summers only. Participants stay with carefully chosen local families.

2) Groupstay – available year-round. Participants stay at a carefully chosen local hotel.
Youth groups may be accompanied by a teacher or appropriate guardian (1 per 20 youths), for whom we have a special offer of free room & board (hotel & food)!

Our program directors and teachers are with you and available 24/7. Focusing on your safety and educational interactions, we give you our personal care in every step of your visit.

There is a plethora of tours to Greece for you to choose.

Why are we different ?

In a rural area like ours, there is a slower pace where all the traditions are more seen and heartfelt. People know of & about each other, their values still intact. They love to please the visitor, proud to show their culture and share. We are local, offering you to be with us and among us. We want you to interact, to see, to learn, who we are, what we do, what we offer, where we’ve been & yes, what we’ve ALL inherited! Our mission is not a plain tour of sites, of which we give you a good deal. Our mission is for you to get to know us – today – even though we cannot quite extrapolate ourselves from yesterday!

So much to see, so much to do, so much to learn, so much history of originality and intellect, so many 1sts that the world built onto, truly a place in time where yesterday and today intertwine. 2 weeks is indeed a very short time. Enough for a “taste” of Greece, engaging all your senses. We will give you that but we hope you’ll be able to absorb much more, to take back with you and onto your life forward, enriched, empowered and wiser like Odysseus on his journey back to Ithaca!

There’s a lot in our package. Yet we try to not restrict it into a compact tour. We want you to be a player on the stage, to have your own time to also experience the Hellenes in their daily lifestyle – a cultural education one can only get by being there, going through it, acquiring your own “eureka” moments like Archimedes! We believe that’s the most important lesson, one that you’ll carry for a lifetime. A truly unique experience! And one which, we hope, will make you a proud Philhellene! One you will always recall to relax, one that will make book pages jump out into live memories of an energizing and serene place, a history, a lifestyle – a treasured experience!

We strongly encourage you to bring a journal to capture your experiences or a specific angle-of-interest – a potentially excellent opportunity for a high school or college project for credit! We are more than happy to vouch such effort.

There is reason to why Greece is a most popular destination. All the books and pictures in the world cannot replace what can only be experienced interactively, seen and felt in the moment, live, 3-dimensional with you in it!!! Being in it, brings all your books/stories alive! The ancient and the modern intertwine everywhere. The nature is simply breathtaking! The culture is spectacular!


"A marvellous course with very good and nice teacher!"

I was taking a beginner course in the beautiful Greek language during 2 weeks in 2018! Got a very nice and good female teacher and a very flexible schedule. As it was very hot that summer it was a good thing to divide my schooldays so I could be able to “think” and relax in the middle of the week!

The classroom was nice and with air conditioner. To be able to get some little to eat and drink during the little brake was a good thing! To have a goodbye-lunch was a very nice initiative to be invited to because I couldn’t take part of the party the evening before my last day due to transportation problem!

I will certainly come back to this school when I wish to learn some more! It will not be during summertime as it was too hot to think sometimes!!!

Ingela Westergren

I spent with "The Linguistic Lab (LL)" unforgettable three weeks in October 2013.

The school is very conveniently located in the center of Xylokastro and the sea nearby. Headmaster LABIS FILIS, a friendly and attentive person, supported me from the beginning and we became friends. He selected for me excellent teachers.

They specially designed for me individual tuition plan to improve my English in the short time period. They helped me along the whole course, correcting all the errors, thus allowing me to acquire the level of my proficient speaking skills. I studied English in classes until lunch, and in my spare time the LL organized for me interesting excursions to beautiful and unforgettable places and to the mountains.

It was truly remarkable! I have learnt a lot from this course and also met some interesting people! Iwould like to express my gratitude to the excellent tutors: mss. Angeliki, Angela, Louise, they are qualified, experienced, patient and affable persons! I became more confident and fluent in speaking English. My listening and speaking skills have definitely improved and I felt myself like in a big family!


Places for our programs are limited so apply as soon as possible