Learn Greek in Greece with our Language & Culture Lessons

Our year round Greek Language Education Program

Linguistic Lab is very proud to announce our “Omogeneia” program, which is a GREEK EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM IN GREECE and includes language and history/culture classes as well as some great excursions.

This program has been made for the Greek children living abroad and places emphasis on Greek-speaking/teaching as well as culture and history.

The “Omogeneia” program provides an education for Greek kids (and not only), aged 13 and up who live abroad. We understand that there is a great interest in 2nd and 3rd generation Greek families who wish to have their children acquainted with the Greek language and culture.

We are very proud to honour this effort, and welcome the opportunity to teach Greek youngsters about our unique and fascinating language, history and culture. For this reason, we have developed a unique program within our regular Home-stay program (the homestay program is offered only in summer, but someone can choose our residential program which is offered in winter & summer to combine it with the lessons), where young students are hosted by families with kids of similar ages and interests.

We are also promising you lots of fun with regular excursions (extra cost) to fascinating ancient sites like Delphi, Olympia, Mycanae, Acro Corinth and also Ancient Epidaurus.

As a way of helping many Greek families during these difficult financial times, a percentage of the cost of the “Omogeneia” program is given to the families in helping with their expenses.

One person free of charge for every 15 students (the 16th)!

Our Greek Lessons program is available throughout the year


Language orientation: read passages, Qs, vocabulary, grammar/syntax, conversation; minimum HW/passage-Qs+As.

History-culture orientation: our great philosophers & their fingerprints today, glory of ancient Greece, mythology summary, Persians-Romans-Turks-WWI/II-Today.

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