Homestay Summer Program

Our Summer Educational Program

A special experience for young people who are interested in seeing what life is really like in Greece by staying with actual Greek families with young people of the same age.

Our 2-week HomeStay program is ONLY available during the summer

The program can be arranged for longer periods and there is a residential option is available. The program is very attractive to people who are active, open-minded and ready to accept the traditions and life-styles of the Greeks.

The main objective is to bring different cultures together, forming long-lasting friendships. Every year student – visitors enjoy the hospitality for which Greeks are so famous.

The families who are hosts, are looking forward to sharing their homes every time. The “Linguistic Lab” program takes place only in summer.

Dates for the HomeStay Program for 2020

  • 21/6/2020
  • 5/7/2020
  • 19/7/2020