Aristonautes Mission

Our Inspiration: ARISTO-NAUT(S)

Xylokastro (“wooden castle”) today stands on the ancient grounds of the Aristonauts, as sited by Homer.

1) Modern Greek Definition:
Aristonaut-is /-es (ah-ree-stoh-naf’-tees / ah-ree-stoh-naf’-tess) – single/plural
Aristos (ah’reestos) – best, excellent; from 1-10, a 10
Nautis (nah’ftees) – sailor; traveler; explorer (astronaut-is, cosmonaut-is, nautical)

2) Definition & uses:
Best sailors – denotes bravery, adventure; a traveler in search of excellence
Studying/store-collect information/learned for future usage/to develop;
One’s action [to learn] to develop knowledge, wisdom, truth;
One’s potential for a meaningful tomorrow;
Developing your Best-Self; becoming a Best World-Citizen;
An explorer; a standard of excellence; a scout; a student of observation per consideration

3) In History:
Homeric World, (Hom.Il. 2.573);
Pausanias Description of Greece, book 7, ch.26 (Paus. 7.26)


(ah-ree-stoh-nah’f-teh / puristic Greek, plural):

  1. “best sailors”
  2. 2. Pellene’s port – 60 stades from Pellene & 120 stades from Aegeira by sea – named so because it was one of the harbors into which Argonauts entered (took shelter/protection during their Argonautic Expedition for the Golden Fleece).
  3. 3. Pellene – from Pellas (a Titan) or Pellen (son of Phorbas, son of Triopas) – today’s area of Xylokastro up to today’s Pellini, the mountainous area extending south of Xylokastro where ancient artifacts are found and which has a perfect sight of the port (key protection element)! Very affluent at its time being in the business niche of growing and using vegetable dyes for the rich colors of royal garments; having developed unique technique as well as transportation routes by land and sea, they supplied the multitude of then world’s kingdoms.

Our Vision

Realizing that educational value is measured with all the senses in a multitude of “eureka” moments – and, on each eureka moment we develop – is at the core of our program. We are at a unique position by our business and location, in being able to provide the daily Greek lifestyle interactively, a hands-on perspective – a platform/stage for an Aristonaut to-be!

Our mission is to provide an experience with educational access in real-time. The means to interface locally, to participate in the traditions and daily life, to learn from each other, to interact, to feel, to connect, to absorb information, to develop. To awaken to a multitude of eureka moments discovering your own Eureca-Self, shaping your best-self, adding excellence to tomorrow with knowledge-wisdom-truth.

We like to inspire such potential. Unravel the Greeks (whose democracy/philosophy/art/math, etc., information is still the world’s monumental foundation in excellence; from design, to self-development & social behavior, to the moon & beyond). No matter what your interests are, Greece provides more than a staple in your life’s journey. Come & discover… connect the dots to your inner-being. You’ll be inspired!!!