Homestay Information

Please find listed below more detailed information about our Educational Vacation in Greece which is a fixed 2-week program that takes place during the summer.

1) Age requirements: 10 – 19 years old. No color, sex or religious discrimination, whatsoever.

2) Health specifications: A health document stating that the student is in good physical and mental condition. This can be obtained by a family physician.

3) Grade Stipulations: Interested applicants/students should retain a B average at least all year.

4) About you: Applicants should be socially adept and capable of adapting to and learning about other lifestyles. These students should have an open outlook towards new experiences.

5) Host Families: We take great care in matching the students with Host Families whohave similar hobbies, habits, etc., (For that reason we need as much detailed information about each student as possible).

6) Meals: Students/Participants will have 3 square meals a day with their Host Families plus snacks, fruit (seasonal), etc., On Day trips, lunch is NOT included.

7) Extra expenses: Any souvenirs or extra snacks etc. besides what the Host Families provide should be paid for by each student/participant on his own.

8) Alcohol: A strict rule against alcohol use of any kind is enforced. If such incidents should occur the student will be send home immediately.

9) Contact: A 24-hour telephone number will be made available to parents. The coordinators in Greece can also be reached at all times.

10) Documents: A passport is required, and in some cases, a Visa may be needed.

11) Insurance: All Greek vehicles are obliged by law to be insured, however policies differ from company to company. Therefore it is suggested that health and accident insurance is provided by each student’s family. Keep in mind, however that any medical treatment for minor health problems, injuries, first aid, etc. is provided by local Health Centers, which are totally equipped with modern facilities. These services are free of charge. In case of serious illness or injury and parents require their child’s return, flight expenses are covered by us.

12) Clothing: Being aware that this program takes place during the hot, dry months of summer in Greece, necessary clothing would be light weight casual wear. Good walking shoes, swim wear, sports equipment (tennis rackets, etc) are strongly recommended. Chilly weather is unusual but a jacket or sweater might be a good idea. Young people in Greece wear much the same things at night as young American people.

13) Extra activities: Aside from the everyday activities of each Host Family (swimming, movies, taking walks, conversing, etc.) three 1-day trips to Ancient sites of historical interest, theaters, etc. have been programmed as well as opportunities to experience Greek traditional dancing, a boat trip through the Corinthian Canal, Greek lessons and other group activities.

14) Lost: Articles, money, property of any kind are the responsibility of the owner. Bear in mind that crime in Greece is practically non-existent, giving us the security to walk freely, especially here, in the villages where our program takes place. It is suggested that students should do all transactions using traveler’s cheques, not cash.

15) The responsibilities of the airline companies are regulated by the Warsaw treaty.
We are NOT responsible for airfare tickets.