What to bring with you

What do I need to bring?

  • Your passport
  • Any flight information you will need (travel tickets both ways!)
  • Your suitcase (seasonal apparel & personal needs) – 1/50 lbs/suitcase and 1/20lbs carry-on is allowed free. Check limitations with your airline. Allow for some weight to be added on your way back (personal purchases)!
  • Any medications you will need
  • Extra spending money, in Euros cash (personal expenses, snacks, souvenirs).
  • Any special dietary needs or allergies must be provided in your registration
  • You may bring a cell phone (wi-fi is widely available)
  • A body-wallet for your money, i.d., is a good practical idea
  • You may want to make your carry-on bag a backpack for multi-use, travelling to sites, etc.


Health & well-being is of utmost importance. Xylokastro provides a Public Health Center staffed with physicians and nurses, fully accommodating injuries. Corinth hosts a public hospital for more serious incidents. These are free. In the extreme case of serious injury, Linguistic Lab will fly the participant home, promptly and free of charge.

Also, the kids are never left alone. In Home-stay they are with the host family. In Group-stay they are with a guardian. In either stay they are closely observed by the program director, available 24-7. It’s a small place where everyone knows everyone for generations! All eyes are on the kids even when they don’t know it!!! We do not depend on it but we must admit it’s a safety net worth mentioning.

What is a typical day in the program? (excluding trip-days & short trips)

8:00 am – breakfast
9:00 am – activities & sessions – lessons if chosen (language, history, mythology); local interactions
11:00 am – swim at the beach
1: pm – lunch followed by a short siesta (through the hottest hours); group discussions/interactions
5:00 pm – more activities (sessions?); options/choices
7:30 pm – dinner
8:30 pm – evening activities & interactions; theatre, music, festivals, social culture