Pricelist for English Language Lessons


English Language Course: We can arrange length and amount of hours taught according to your needs

Tuition: 400 € /week (ages: 11+)(buy the books or use the ones the school provides)

(For groups of 10, one is offered free)!
After the language lessons, in winter, we visit farms to watch the olive harvest, in the nearby fields. We visit local factories and watch how olive oil is made from the olives. In summer, we watch the farmers work in the vineyards and make wine. We also learn to sing some Greek songs, make excursions around the area, and talk a lot in Greek, both inside and outside the classroom.

Lessons: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-1pm.

16hours/week. (up to 2 students in the same level: 12 hours/week) Lessons start on the first Monday of each month.

Accommodation: from 50€/person/night (including breakfast)

Homestay (here) or hotel (from 50€/person/night including breakfast)

Excursion: Wednesday (optional, extra cost).

Free afternoons for swimming, walking through the forest, visiting villages, watching farmers on action, shopping, etc.

For accommodation, food, tours and excursions (optional) check our Aristonaftes program

Payments are accepted by Paypal

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** All hotel accommodation will be supervised by a member of staff from Linguistic Lab. Someone will be with the students all the time. Parents should be confident that all students will be safe, and that the hotel accommodation we can arrange is not just a hotel – but one that we have carefully selected to be suitable for our students.