Enriching day-tours, miscellaneous attractions & choices per interests

FYI: in Greek, “Greece” = Hellas!!! Greeks = Hellenes. Anything Greek = Hellenic

Tours: art, history, architecture.
  • Acropolis; museum; Plaka-Syntagma-Monastiraki stroll, eat; (time, weather permitted - sunset at Lycavitos)
  • Delphi; museum
  • Olympia; museum; (Ahaia Claus distillery / ouzo making for adult groups)
  • Mycenae; Epidaurus; (if applicable, optional play)
  • Ancient Corinth; Isthmus canal (optional cruise)
Classes: to your specifications/needs, classroom or private lessons
  • Optional Language study. Greek or English; certified teachers. See pertinent pages.
  • 1, 4-hour session on “Hellas in time” (ancient to today history basics & its world footprints)
Cultural experiences: to take with you & forever be inspired to enjoy!
  • Greek dance lesson(s) – opa!
  • Culinary seasonal cuisine; family-style meal-times – ‘ygeia sou!
Cultural life: theatre, festivals, sports, coffee time, interaction time, etc. Exploring the Local Country-side - individual or group options:
  • An olive grove; types of this native health-sustaining fruit, a Greek-diet staple (& honorary hero’s wreath!)
  • Olive oil processing, qualities, uses (olives ripe in winter; collection & oil production follows)
  • A honey collection (aristo quality = famously excellent, you’d want 1 kilo for home!)
  • A grape grove (vineyards); ripping in late Summer, wine making is an early Fall event by most families
  • Fruit trees & seasonal tastes, local farms (a fresh from the tree fruit is a palette’s ultimate pleasure!)
  • A galactocomio, making Greek yogurt, Feta types & other Greek cheeses
  • Herbs collection - Hike up mountain-sides in the aroma of oregano, chamomile, mountain tea, etc. (great gifts!)
Nearby – individual or group options:
  • Stroll & Explore the serene Pefkia – The old beautiful pine forest of ecological value, along town’s beach
  • Churches Sunday mass – Xylocastro square cathedral, etc.; anyone welcome. Greeks = 98% Orthodox Christians
  • Town’s farmers market – is a true seasonal reflection of local products, businesses; an open bazzar
  • Sports – all sea & mountain sports for the novice or professional; soccer, volley, tennis
  • Faragi Fonissa – intriguing canyon for professionals
  • Panagia Korifi monastery – spectacular panoramic views (hike up? Spend night?)
  • Pellini; Trikala – Aristonauts grounds!
  • Stymphalia lake (Hercules’ birds)
  • Kalavrita – ag. Lavra; up the mountain by rack-railway through beautiful canyon terrain (or hike up?!)
  • Loutraki springs – therapeutic spa baths
  • Spilea Dirou – stalactites & stalagmites caves
  • Sparta; Mistra; Monemvasia; Kalamata olives – spectacular secluded beaches, breathtaking mountain terrain
  • Nauplion. Nemea; did you know Nemea games are older than Olympic games & are yearly performed on-site?!
  • Zakinthos island – an Ionian island popular for its beaches and sea-side caves